alpha artist shoot

Action shots from the promo shoot

Alpha artist shirt making

Silkscreening setup

Alpha Artist Shirt

Shirts are done and ready for flaunt

A little update:

Amanda Lynn, Colleen Cacace and Jose valdes Bartroli and I have been fine tuning and rehearsing Alpha Artist with the passion of ten thousand sunflowers. This past Monday, with the help of the talented Jessica Gatlin, we were able to make shirts for the show. Don’t let the calibration of your computer screen fool you: these shirts are torso poppers, with style and a statement to match. So let the artist and the alpha in you shine.

A competition.

The show where 2 Artists compete for the title of top dog, Alpha Artist.

 --- Next month we're having a competition to determine who's the most Alpha Artist around. We're having it in Little Berlin gallery, in Philadelphia. A beginning, to a whole affair. It's going to be epic, either in charm or in sweat - perhaps in Kale proportions: we're going mega organic, y'all !

Back from China. Got a lot of mind mining i need to get through, lots of golden arrows to follow, lots of cakes to ice.

On the agenda: Art all the time, beautiful things, unattractive qualities turned sideways, and you of course.


Editor’s Note: Now that i’m out of China, I feel more confident in my irreverence. I can be the sarcastic stick as well as the handsome man. I can say all the stuff again. yeah.

here’s a mural i did in China:

Mural making in foreign countries

Mural making in foreign countries

Since i’m in the states, let me know if you want me to come to your city to make a mural for you. I can do that.


Bubbles on film

friends in philly

This is very typical in Philadelphia

Grilling statements were made

Grilling statements were made

tiny chair display

tiny chair display / the amazingly tall woman

I went back to the states for a few weeks. I ate pulled pork a lot. I also got 3 scars.


People in Miami, NYC and Philadelphia have this in common:

– Narcissism

– Bridges

This happened in Miami:

forfa dart

Good to see other humans

wedding dress

Got to witness a union

Selfish post. However it does feel nice to have familiar faces around this place, instead o the usual distant strangers.

Currently working on a little hug project. It’s not quite as sweet as it sounds.

most romantic subway couple

Believe it, baby

People still like other people.

I’m so glad I learned English in that intimate, personal way (we shower together, and most nights we sleep in the same bed). I know English so well that I can tell other people that know English really well, how I truly feel about things. I can express things I love, but more importantly, things I’m ambivalent about. I can make puns!

Learning another language means rebirth. It means you’re a child again, and so you can only express childish desires and thoughts: “Give me that cookie, please. How much? say again? *shit I haven’t learned that sentence pattern yet, just nod and agree, but… try and look stern* good day upon you!”, etc.  You can only like and dislike stuff, there’s really no “why” in those first years of lifin’.

Pretty sure I’ve attempted this thought before. It’s my blog, I do as i does? boom

Chinese language side note: Chinese is probably the perfect language for puns. Every word means 10 different (entirely) things. ahh my Everest.

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